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Sponsor a School Horse

The Turnout Stables riding school was opened by Debbie Williams at the Williams Family Farm in 1995, and has been operating ever since, creating lasting memories for riders of all ages, including hundreds of Kemptville residents over the years.

With the rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic now reaching Canada, Turnout Stables has had to close its doors in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus throughout the community. The lesson program has come to a sudden and complete halt, and the Williams’ family has lost ALL lesson income as a result. Obviously, the farm must continue to operate, and the lesson horses must continue to receive the care and feed that they need and are accustomed to. So, while the farm expenses are unchanged, there is no lesson revenue to offset to them.

As a result, we are reaching out to members of our community and local businesses to request their support in sponsoring a Turnout school horse during this ongoing health crisis.

The sponsorship would entail a monthly fee of $120 per school horse, and all funds raised would go directly to the care and feeding of the horse. Since each horse has their own individual needs, some will require multiple monthly sponsors to cover their expense.

Unable to sponsor, but still want to help out? Donations in any amount are appreciated and accepted! These donations will go towards expenses such as farrier, vet, treats, etc.

Thank you for your consideration.

- Debbie Williams, Turnout Stables, on behalf of the Williams Family


$120 for 1 month towards horse/pony of your choice

Not looking to sponsor, but still wish to support Turnout Stables? Donations of any amount are very much appreciated during this time.

Some suggested donation amounts include:

$75 towards farrier (foot/hoof care)

$50 towards grain and supplements

$25 towards vaccines/medication

Sponsorship Incentives

Certificate of Sponsorship

Photo of Sponsored Horse

Invitation to meet the sponsored horse (once safe)

Pony rides for child(ren) of sponsor

Spotlight for Business sponsors with link to sponsors business page on Turnout Stables' website and Facebook Page

Complimentary private riding lesson for sponsorships of 2+ months (once safe)

Interested in Sponsoring? Send us a Message!


Email Address*

Sponsor Horse: 1st Choice

Sponsor Horse: 2nd Choice


Sponsorships & Donations may be sent via e-transfer to:

Our School Horses

"Here's to all the school horses, the ones that taught you to ride, the ones with endless patience and that one that you loved that was never yours, but will always hold a place in your heart"


We are extremely grateful for all of our sponsors

Celebrating 20 years in business!

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